Vending Machine Products in Jackson


Customer satisfaction is our goal!

We want the products we serve to be the products you want!

Our skilled sales professionals will meet with you to establish a vending program customized to fit your needs. We use this meeting to gauge the right mix of products to get you started. Ultimately your employees will determine what they want in their machines. We will keep a careful eye on what is actually selling and will introduce new products as they become available. We will also manage slow moving items by removing them and replacing them with the more popular items that are in demand.

Following is a sample of some of our products.

  Healthy vending machines in Jackson  

Healthy Alternatives
are very popular right now and we are always on the lookout to find tasty new products that fall into that category. People love to snack at work and it's nice to have a selection of healthy options.

Trail mixes, fruit snacks, granola bars and pretzels are just some of the healthy alternatives we offer.




  Beverage vending machines in Jackson  

Carbonated Beverages are our biggest category. Soda is still king in the vending world, followed very closely by bottled water.

AllVend carries all the major names in soda -- including Mountain Dew, Coke, Pepsi and 7up. Whatever you want, just let our route driver know and we will place it in your machine.




  Beverage vending machines in Jackson  

Non-Carbonated Beverages
are in plentiful supply at AllVend. Bottled water is the most popular selection in this category and all of our machines are equipped with a row of bottled water.

Orange juice, apple juice, iced teas and Snapple can also be offered in your vending machines.



  Snack vending machines in Jackson  

Chips are a big favorite. We currently carry 12 - 14 flavors of chips at all times. We carry the top sellers including Doritos, Cheetos Crunchy, Ruffles Cheddar Sour cream, Frito's and Lay's classic.

We also carry healthier chip options including baked chips, pita chips, and bagel chips.



  Snack vending machines in Jackson  

Candy Bars satisfy your employee's sweet tooth. Each machine carries between 10 -20 selections of candy, including hard candy like Skittle, the all-time favorite Snickers bars and plenty more.

If you have a favorite candy bar that's not as well known, leave a sticky note on the machine and we'll try to find it for you.




Pastries and Cookies
are also very good sellers. Crunch Gem donuts, Kellogg's PopTarts and Grandma's cookies all enjoy great success -- along with the all-time favorite Famous Amos Chocolate chip cookies.





Cold and Frozen Foods
- for accounts with large numbers of employees, we have a variety of fresh and frozen food items, including sandwiches, burritos, pizzas, ice cream and more.